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► Fighting? Inevitable! Invulnerability is a hard habit to break, so even powerless, Kon's not exactly shy about putting his best punch forward. He does actually know what he's doing (somewhat) so I'd like some input into things that might seriously injure him! Please get in touch!
► Death? Not currently -- but talk to me once Kon is settled in / if you've got a fantastic plot idea!
► Violence/Gore/Squicks? I am supremely squickable, but if I know something is coming I am much better equipped to roll with it then I am if I am surprised. Please get in touch with me about anything very involved!
► Offensive Subjects/Triggers/Other Warnings? Clark Kent. Superman's secret identity is common knowledge -- but not where Kon's from. He'll freak and that's not fun for me. I'm cool with your character knowing about Superman and referencing him, or referencing Clark, but putting the two together -- please no. Also, showing canon knowledge/awareness is cool -- so long as you don't let on to Kon that he is a comic character. Canon knowledge? Cool. Canon puncturing -- not cool. If in doubt, ask!

Also, if you want to go the safe 4th wall option and reference a manly superhero, I vote he's called Outstanding Man and his alter-ego is a mild-mannered weather-man.

I'm on Japan time! My working hours are generally the comm's most busy times. Yeah, it's kind of a pain. I cannot access plurk or AIM while at work so E-MAIL is the best way to reach me for anything urgent/plotting purposes. Please, please, please use my e-mail to plot with me!
► Gmail
► AIM anantipodean
► plurk anantipodean

It's been a while since I've played comics Kon so I am sure it will take me a bit to get into my groove. Please feel free to leave me feedback here! It is not anon-enabled because I know from past experience that I have a tendency to react badly to anon-crit. If you feel unable to approach me any other way, please consider asking a mod to pass on your concerns rather than taking the sock route! I deal with criticism much better if I can contextualise it. ♥ Thank you for your understanding!
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This is mainly for Pitch-mun, but also because I have a huge love for this issue -- Kon's mind is a very, very special place. Enjoy!


For Haven!

Jul. 9th, 2013 11:58 am
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You've reached Superboy! How may I save you today?

((ooc: will make this non-stupid when I have time.))
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[Kon was feeling pretty good as he touched down in a Keystone alley. The jeans were usual, but he'd swapped the S-shirt for the band of the moment and was feeling pretty good about the direction his day was going. Just as he'd thought he had nothing ahead of him but a weekend of farm chores (don't get him wrong, he liked Smallville fine, but the thing about country life was that it was ... slow. There were only so many times a day that you could put the cows out, and water the crops) and trying to teach Krypto not to roll in things.

Instead, he'd got a mission straight from Superman, and okay, so maybe Kon should be over that by now, but there would always be something about Superman coming to him for help ... even if there was no way in hell the man of steel would have been able to pull this off. Seriously -- pretending to have fun at an amusement park? With friends? Kon was so over that.

Though speaking of friends ...

Kon eyed the shadows doubtfully. The request for help had come from Superman, but Tim had made their plans. And if Kon knew anything about Tim, he knew that Tim wouldn't just be punctual to the meeting place -- he would be early.

Even if Kon had no idea where he was.]

Been waiting long?
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Basics: Modern AU setting with plenty of supernatural elements. Free-form playing/world-building, with opportunity for one-on-one, group, mingle posts and on-going plots. Open to friends!

Let me tell you about my latest obsession. )
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Hey! You've reached Superboy. I'm probably out saving the world (or should that be worlds?) right now, (that or spending some quality time with a lucky hottie,) but leave a message with the nature, location and scale of your emergency and Superboy will be with you faster than a speeding locomotive! Or he would be if you know, they had locomotives or super-powers here, but hey. Details.

If you're a sexy babe calling about a date with the boy of steel just go ahead and reserve that jacuzzi now!
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By that, I mean we're happy to accept your very special boy to Asgard Eventide. Please see the Welcome Page ( for further instructions on how to get started in the game. It isn't mandatory, but we suggest putting as much of your app as you're comfortable with in your journal so your fellow players can learn more about your character!

Our lovely mods sure do know how to talk nice to a guy. )


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